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Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle.

It forms in concentric rings and there is always an inner and outer ring. Mandalas are used as a tool for meditation. Mandala designs are varied with intricate, quirky, simple and repetitive patterns, and the act of creating the mandala is part of the here and now. It helps to calm focus and rest the mind, Azita uses them to encourage mindfulness. 

Find your own inner mandala peace

Mandala Therapy

Azita began designing mandalas to counter her depression and found when she posted them online that others gained pleasure from colouring in her designs. This encouraged her and she can now boast over 1000 digital designs which she has coloured in different colours, and 100 hand drawn designs, some of which have developed into paintings on board and canvas.

The world around inspires Azita’s mandalas, patterns in nature and the built environment, flowers and trees, fruits and landscapes, all find their way into her designs. The art of different traditions inspires her. Celtic runes, mosque tiles, the stained glass of cathedrals, metalwork arabesques and more influence the shapes she forms, she has an Iranian background and the detail of Persian art is an inspiration for her. 

Mandalas Help Us Meditate and Relax

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Every design also has unintended associations, whether an affinity with the shapes of organisms in a petri dish, the shapes and overlaps of a kaleidoscope or the links of a mycelium network. The pleasure of interpretation is laid down for the viewer. See what you make of the designs below.


Hand Coloured

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Who we are

Azita Hollingshead

My journey as an artist began when I was suffering from depression and began to digitally design mandalas to enact mindfulness and meditation practices in a visual form. I started very simply using basic forms and printing the results and colouring them by hand in ink.

Over the years I have created hundreds of digital designs and in recent times this has led me to draw and paint freehand mandalas which allow more room for improvisation and greater depth of colour than ink would allow.

I have experimented with different mediums from glow-in-the-dark acrylics to viscous oils and even liquid inks and water colours. I find myself most suited to acrylics as the drying time allows for more layering and more even coverage.

I like to use opaque paints and sometimes I will do a coloured underlayer and go over in white as an intermediary layer so that the final colour will stand out.

 I have been influenced by various artists from contemporary to post-impressionist and even Aztec and Celtic.

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